A Chapter of Blue Knights International Motorcycle Club

Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

Blue Knights Kentucky XI LEMC honors and remembers the cherished members who have transitioned to Heaven One. In heartfelt tribute to their enduring legacy and commitment, we commemorate their invaluable contributions to our brotherhood. While they may no longer ride beside us, their spirit and dedication remain woven into the fabric of our chapter’s history. Their memory lives on in our hearts, inspiring us to continue our mission with passion and unity. We pay homage to these beloved individuals, cherishing their everlasting impact on our community and the Blue Knights family.

Our Fallen Riders

We’re many in numbers, but we ride as one,

With the pavement beneath us and our faces in the sun

With the wind at our backs and our gear all on,

We ride in remembrance of those who have passed on.

As the engines start up and our rumbles grow loud

We ride for our brethren who can no longer be found.

The sunglasses we wear are to cover our tears.

Remembering those who ride that we’ve held so dear.

So let us ride to help make others aware

That the roads we ride are for all to share,

And to those not with us or by our side,

May God be your partner on your final ride.

Mark Abshire    2007

Ken Pedigo        2011

Tim Morris          2021

Rob Bowman     2023